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About Us

We are an investment and advisory firm that curates investment opportunities of technology startups, with a focus on the Israeli tech ecosystem. We deploy our own capital and introduce opportunities to our esteemed group of investors. Our focus is on early-stage companies with broad, impactful solutions.

For our portfolio companies, we assist with pitch deck creation and enhancement, business trajectory refinement, capital raising, and introductions for strategic partnerships.

For our network of investors, we perform due diligence, and consult experts in the given field, so that we can present a comprehensive overview of the opportunities we find, which can be evaluated by our investors with efficiency and confidence.

About Us


Precise was co-founded by Aryeh Batt, a brilliant engineer, who developed a revolutionary 3D printer. Aryeh decided to utilize his printer in a groundbreaking method by printing human cells. He recognized that this technology would dramatically change the world. Aryeh connected with world renowned physician Dr. and Professor Tony Atala at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina who has dedicated his career to cell regeneration. Upon meeting Aryeh, Dr. Atala shared that he had been waiting 20 years to meet him and together they co-founded Precise.

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In the Press

Carl Zeiss Meditec and Precise Bio Announce Partnership in the Development and Commercialization of Tissue-Based Implants for Ophthalmology


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