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About Us

We are an investment and advisory firm that strategically selects Israeli startups to deploy our own capital into and introduce to our esteemed group of accredited investors. Our focus is on early-stage companies with cutting-edge, impactful technologies, offering investors unique opportunities to participate in Israel’s celebrated technology ecosystem.


Our Guiding Principles

We believe in making smart investments in quality people.

We value creativity, integrity, transparency, hard work, communication, and accountability.


Our Portfolio Companies

The companies we select to invest in and present to our network, all share a common thread: Passionate founders and focused missions that resonate with us because their disruptive technologies tell a story and introduce compelling solutions to the world. Each one receives our robust support throughout their respective journeys. We take great pride in the commitments we make to our companies: To add value through creative thinking, provide diverse viewpoints through self-effacing collaboration, build bridges to potential partners and advisors, and contribute the proper support and tools to achieve remarkable success.


Our Investors

Our investors appreciate that partnering with Desert Ventures means instantly becoming part of a community, specifically one that provides broader insight into their current and future investments. They value our comprehensive diligence, believe in our seasoned insight, and rely on the trust and relationships we cultivate with our portfolio company leadership. These operational backbones, which form the core of our investment process, bolster our investors’ confidence in our abilities to select lucrative and valuable investments.


We encourage and invite you to explore our site and meet our partners whom we are proud to call our friends.


(res) Br. General Bentzi Gruber


(res) Br. General Gruber has served on the board of numerous investment funds and global companies. Most recently he served on the board of Rada


Taire Rubin


Taire has extensive experience leading the business development and capital funding efforts with marketing teams for a variety of companies.

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Ben Casper


Ben spent twelve years in commercial real estate brokerage at two of the top international brokerage firms in the world.

In recent years, he discovered a passion for venture capital investment and advisory. Capitalizing on the continued successes of his first collection of VC deals, Ben is focused on generating more exciting investment opportunities for his growing network of investors.

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