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Intelligo was founded by former Israeli military officers in the elite Israeli intelligence unit of 8200. Shlomo Mirvis, CEO and co-founder, recognized the tremendous challenge and need for due diligence background checks in the corporate world. Intelligo created a solution called Clarity. Clarity is the only end-to-end Saas model platform which utilizes AI to resolve the complexities that often define the outcomes of background checks.


Intelligo’s proprietary technology scans through millions of records and analyzes data, pinpointing crucial information that cannot be detected by the human eye. Layers of quality assurance are added to each report by esteemed research experts.


Intelligo provides invaluable assistance to clients across the financial sector, including investment banks, private equity firms, investment consultants, and hedge funds that must reach fast and comprehensive business decisions. Intelligo is proud to have some of the largest financial institutions is the world as clients.


Business technology, IoT Internet of Thi
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